30 minutes – £30

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15 minutes – £12


Chakra Cleansing - Full Body Cleansing - 30 minutes

Chakra means “Wheel of Light” in Sanskrit. There are 7 main chakras in the human body that circulate and release energy and are down the centre of the body between the crown and base of the spine. They are coloured the same as a rainbow. When the chakras are clean and free they promote spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional wellbeing. If a chakra is blocked it can affect your ability to function properly in these areas. By having a chakra cleanse treatment your chakras will be cleansed and unblocked which means you will function better in these areas.

Aura Combing, Cleansing and Repairing - Full Body - 30 minutes

This treatment is used to clear out stuck energy that is slowing down your aura. It will also repair any energy leaks in your aura and release blockages to bring you mind, body and spirit back into balance.

Add on Treatments

Laser Wand Healing - Specific Areas or Whole Body

Laser wands are used to protect and rebuild your aura and to focus energy one particular spot to aid healing.

Neurological Balancing

If you feel jittery or nervous, if you fidget and chatter or start to feel dizzy you may be suffering from nerve blockages and a neurological balance with crystals may help.

Circulatory Balancing

Circulation refers to all the capillaries, veins and arteries that flow the blood around your body starting from the heart. If you often have cold feet and hands or feel cold all the time then it may mean you have blockages. Having a circulatory balance treatment with crystals can help to clear these blockages.

Lymphatic Balancing

The lymphatic system helps to remove waste products and cellular debris. If you feel sluggish or stiff in the limb joints then a lymphatic balance treatment with crystals may help to clear these blockages.

The History of Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used for their powerful properties for thousands of year. As far back as 5000BC the early Sumerians used crystals, they made beads of obsidian, lapis lazuli and carnelian and made jewellery. They also wore crystals around their necks in the belief that they would ward off evil spirits and provide protection. The Egyptians also used crystals in their jewellery and head wear and Tutankhamens death mask was adorned with various crystals. The Greeks were the first to name crystals, and crystal in Greek means “ice” as they believed that clear quartz was a special ice.The Romans and Chinese also used crystals for protection and to ward off evil spirits. The native Americans used crystals in their dream catchers to ward off bad dreams and they believed that crystals would help the sick and protect their community. During medieval times alchemists discovered that stones and crystals did have special properties and used them to make elixirs of crystals and other potions.
Now in modern times Nicola Tesla believed that “crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation” and he knew they had the potential to carry an electric charge. Today crystals are used to heal and to improve our lives, it is widely known that crystals can be beneficial in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, from just carrying or wearing crystals to having a full crystal therapy treatment.

How does Crystal Healing Work?

Crystals are formed by natural alignments of minerals over time, they are arranged in an organised fashion and built up slowly. This formation is structured in such a way that an energy field is created within and around each crystal. If a crystal is knocked, rubbed or twisted it will create an electric charge across some of the planes within the crystal. The more a crystal is worked and handled the greater the charge will be, although it is incredibly small its enough to make a difference and cause a tingling effect when handled by sensitive people like crystal healers, this is called the piezoelectric effect. Each crystal has their own special properties as they are made from different elements, and if the crystals are programmed with intent using energy they can become very powerful and be used for healing.
Crystal healing is non-intrusive and is a holistic treatment. Crystals are programmed with their intent or purpose depending on each clients needs and placed on and/or around your body. Crystal healing can help bring subtle changes into someones life by easing physical pain, relieving emotional stress, bringing clarity to thoughts and raising consciousness and spiritual awareness.

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