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60 Minutes – £40

Myofascial Release is a specialised treatment which will release restrictions in the fascial network (connective tissue), this enables stuck, hardened and dehydrated areas to become pliable, soft, more mobile and hydrated. Myofascial Release is a hands-on, manual therapy which focuses on soft tissue dysfunction, pain, tension and holding patterns.
This is not a facial massage, this is a treatment which can be worked on back, neck, shoulders, legs and arms.

How Does Myofascial Release Work?

The name Myofascia is derived from the Greek word “myo” which means “muscle” and “fascia” meaning “band”. It is a fibrous network of collagen and elastin fibres and is entwined like a spiders web throughout the body running from head to toe and penetrates every muscle, bone, artery, vein and internal organ. It is continuous and does not stop, it has no beginning and no end. Fascia is the body’s energy saving device, for example: “if your posture remains the same for any length of time, the fascia will put down more collagen and bind tightly, but if you move regularly the collagen will take up more elastin making it more flexible.”
Fascia in its normal healthy state is relaxed and wavy and is able to stretch and move, but if the body experiences any kind of trauma either through bad posture, surgery, accidents, a fall, any physical or emotional trauma, inflammation or scarring then the fascia will become hard, dehydrated and stuck, which will lead to lack of mobility and movement and poor tissue health.
This is where Myofascial Release can help, it is a slow treatment that involves gentle sustained pressure of cross hand or finger stretches which may need to be held upto 6 minutes to allow the fascia to elongate and be restored to a healthy position. The treatment will also consist of “skin rolling” which lifts the skin away from the body to release long term restrictions within the fascia tissue. A burning or popping sensation may be felt during this part of the treatment. The treatment will end with a relaxing cranial release which lengthens the neck extensors, calms the nervous system and helps to regulate cranial sacral rhythm.
The release of myofascial restrictions can affect different areas of the body including the organs, to which is being worked. Myosfacial Release releases tension throughout the whole body.
To understand more watch this video by Dr Gil Hedley “The Fuzz Speech”. (This does contain images of the inside of a body so not for the faint hearted.)

Some conditions a Myofascial Release Treatment May Help

Myofascial Release is aimed at everyone as most people throughout their lives will develop poor postural habits due to repetitive activities or mental and emotional trauma on the body.
Below is a list of some of the conditions a Myofascial Release treatment may help, however there are too many to list:

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